A Better Bodge

Today I mowed the lawns with the ride-on and then trimmed the edges with a small electric battery driven push mower.  As I got close to the kitchen drain, I became aware that it was blocked and overflowing.  I dug out my drain canes etc., and tried to clear it, from the inspection chamber, but to no avail.  I then tried to remove the drain cover only to discover that the builder had fixed it down, requiring me to spilt the drainpipe in order to lift the cover.  None of this was helped by the fact that the builder had bodged the waste pipe entrance from the kitchen sink to the kitchen drain, by simply inserting a small pipe into a large pipe and resting it on the drain.  I had already done about as much work as my legs would permit me to do, so I had to call upon Mrs GOG to assist.  Eventually, after Mrs GOG had had her arm down the drain up to her elbow and I had used both drain rods and wires from the inspection chamber, a quantity of sand, cement and other rubbish equivalent to a couple of house bricks in size, was removed and water was permitted to flow again.   After this it was simply a matter of clearing up and sorting out the builder’s bodges, with my own bodges, which should be temporary, but which are much better than was there previously.  Today’s blip shows the situation upon completion of the work (bodges) and before clearing up.


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