...a new bird on the block!

Dear Diary,

I absolutely love Flickers.  Their gentle expression is so wonderful.  Fernando likes to hunt for ants on my dirt driveway.  Northern Flickers are the only brown woodpecker in Maine and the only species of woodpecker that feeds on the ground although they will search dead trees for insects on occasion.  I also think Fernando's plumage is quite striking, a very handsome bird.  I hear them all the time but this is the first time one came so close when I had the camera with me.

Now that I am not obsessed with the garden I can turn my attention to other things...like spiders and Flickers!  There is so much to look at and explore around my house.  I go to visit Dotty this afternoon but I will bring my camera along and do a little exploring afterwards.

We got a brief downpour last night at 4 am along with some thunder and lightning.  It didn't rain long enough but I will take it.  Any little bit helps and things look fresher this morning...cooler too. 

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