Next Stop - Canada

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As L & A had missed out on the train ride to Devil's Bridge, we took them there by road instead and they enjoyed the experience of tackling all those steps and seeing the bridges and waterfalls.  I stayed at the top again and bought some hand-made chocolate from the shop there instead!  Much more enjoyable:-)

The drive back down the road towards Aberystwyth was even more spectacular than the train ride, as the views were not blocked on occasion by the trees.  I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful view of British countryside, with glimpses of hills and fields and valleys right over to the sea, all sparkling in the sunshine.  Mid Wales has been a revelation:-)

We next visited the interesting property at Lanerchaeron, owned by the National Trust.  A tour of the house and lovely walled gardens would have been followed by lunch there, by by 2 pm they had run out of food!!  Not even a scone to be had.  Pretty shocking for a Trust property, so we took ourselves off to Aberaeron and had lunch there instead!

As the weather was so good, we decided to walk a short part of the Coastal  Path from Aberaeron towards New Quay and enjoyed endless views of the Atlantic Ocean as it stretched out towards Canada.  The path had a lovely selection of flowers along the way, some wild and others obviously carried in from nearby gardens. (see extras)

Home again, we met up with J & M, who had enjoyed their day exploring coves at Aberporth among other things (my daughter loves caves, which is odd because I hate them!)  We all went out for a delicious meal and had a lovely evening together.  J & M go home tomorrow, so it was just a short break for them

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