The night garden re-visited

Not many sane people would go out into the garden at a quarter to ten at night to photograph flowers. But it's rained pretty much all day, giving me a welcome excuse to catch up with some identifications, administration and report writing- not up to date yet, but a bit closer - so this was all that was available on the spur of the moment. 

I only took a handful of photographs, and was torn between two in particular. I took advice from two of my sons, but they preferred different ones - so I've put them both in! The extra is a flowerhead of Allium atropurpureum - new to the garden this year and definitely a keeper, with its deep, reddish-purple blooms, flowering a little later than the more well-known Allium 'Purple Sensation'. 

The main image is the pink form of Purple Toadflax Linaria purpurea, known as 'Canon Went' growing alongside the wild type, and in front of the yellow spikes of Caucasian Mullein Verbascum pyramidatum, which were grown from seed bought from Cambridge Botanic Garden and are very happy in our soil.

Considering that these were taken hand held at ISO 6400, I'm quite pleased  - I think the graininess and muted colour adds to the evening atmosphere.

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