A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Yorkshire Fog?

Is this Yorkshire Fog on this lovely sunny morning?

I received an e mail from Nature's Calendar, part of the Woodland Trust, saying that the species of the month was Yorkshire Fog, a beautiful pink/purple seed headed grass giving a pink tingle to the long grassed meadows at this time of year.

We had commented on the pink hue of the long grasses on our Monday walk on the way back down to the village from the moor. This morning we crossed this field which hasn't yet been mown except for a couple of paths as you can see. A great idea I think as it gives us and the wildlife a chance to enjoy all the wild flower and grass species.

I'm not sure it is the grass in the article but it certainly has a pink tinge.

At the pond there were two sets of little ducklings and all 11 of the Canada Geese goslings, some now getting their feathers, as well as 3 almost fully grown Coots. Lovely to see.

Last day of June - nice sun this morning but hardly summer.

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