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By sleepyhead

Fond Farewell

One last morning. One last trip. One last visit to the flowers.

Flowers have been an important part of Gitama's holiday. She was so enamoured with our wee colourful smelly flora. I'm sure she'll really appreciate this lovingly crafted mono shot! ;-)

A wee visit to Dirleton Castle (inlcuding a very, very, very late last minute gift purchase, of course) followed by a pub lunch was all we had time for before the drive across to Glasgow airport. She didn't want to rush and after a couple of nervous moments weighing the luggage at check-in she was all set... with three and a half hours to go! :-)

Time for one last coffee and biscuit and one last chat before it was time to say our goodbyes. It was pretty sad saying cheerio. I'd had a wonderful time showing off my wee country to G and returning to the flat, it seemed very empty all of a sudden. Of course, she's left a legacy behind. Every time I use my shiny new slow cooker I will be reminded of you G... :-)))

I'll see you soon. Another adventure beckons for us both in the northern or southern hemisphere, I'm sure.

As I close this part of the journal I'd also like to thank everyone who has followed our adventures for all their views, comments, stars and hearts and apologies for my lack of response and erratic visits to your journals. It's so very much appreciated.

Gitama's last entry from Scotland (for this visit) can be found here.

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