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We returned to Holyroodhouse for Gitama's last full day in Scotland. I have to admit I'm not the world's biggest royalist and it irked passing over money to go through the palace to get to the Abbey, especially as it's maintained by Historic Scotland but I guess the Crown has to get it's slice of the tourist cake. I have to say, the palace façade itself is amazing. A wonderful piece of architecture but as for the décor... Ugh! Neither of us could take too much of the dark wood panelled, faded tapestry walls or the creaking floorboards and we had to approach one of the custodians halfway through who kindly let us out a side door leading to the quadrangle and escape to the Abbey, the remaining shell of which was bathed in bright sunlight. Like the borders' Abbeys only the walls remain of Holyrood but in those massive columns and arches and the empty stained glass windows, something of the splendour of the past remains. It was busy though and a strain on the nerves to wait for any number of tourists to get out of shot. Gitama eventually went rushing after a couple who, having taken an inordinate amount of time taking a couple of snaps stood in front of her to admire themselves on the camera screen. I gave up looking for normal shots and instead took some time looking for alternative compositions. A wander through the (to be honest) pretty unimpressive gardens lent itself to a lovely shot of the Abbey though which I've included in my extras.

Then it was off to Roslin to pay one last visit to one of Gitama's holiday highlights and her initial introduction to Scottish history all those weeks ago, Rosslyn Chapel. Again, frustrating tourists got the better of me but Gitama persevered and got some amazing shots. Heh, and of course there was some last minute, last minute shopping to be had! :-)

Gitama's take on the day can be found here.

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