... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Goosle Paddling

More independent in large.

I visited the Goosles twice today (= good day).
The fledgling really is sweet: it is very friendly, and has a funny character, both independent and rather gregarious (spending time with Mr. and Mrs., pottering about by itself, or swimming with the Canada geese). It also has Mr's coppery hues...

I've uploaded some Goosle pictures (right from here) and some pictures of the other birds on the pond (right from here).
Mr. taking oats (with murderous-looking coot)
Half lit eye
Moorhen chase
Funny young coot
Coot with leaves and droplets

p.s. I'm not sure whether I'll have internet over the next few days, so there may have to be some back blipping...

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