... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Goosle Fledgling!

More excited in large.
(There were oats...)

Eee, I saw the Goosles today! Last time I visited, the Goosles just stayed on the island, so I only saw them (and the fledgling) from a distance... The little Goosle is so sweet: it is very independent, and while it sometimes mooches around with Mr. and Mrs., it also takes itself off exploring a lot. It seems to be pretty nervous of pigeons though (unlike previous little Goosles...).
Mr. is moulting (he has no primaries), so can't fly and was being rather skittish, but Mrs. seemed pretty cheerful.

I've uploaded some other shots to Flickr (right from Mr.).
Scared of pigeons [= Alternative]
Pontoon portrait (portrait version)
Expert photobomber
Muddy beak
Fledgling portrait
Mr. preening
Canada goose fledgling close-up

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