... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Cootling Begging

More attentive a parent in large.

I struggled to choose today, and not just because the heat has frazzled my brain... I took loads of Goosle pics in the morning: the goslings were grazing, Mr. was panting dramatically, and Mrs. has had a ring put on her leg and isn't yet used to it. I saw the cootlings up close today, so have blipped them for variety's sake.

I've uploaded loads of others to Flickr (right from here).
Cootling begging with its tongue out
Mr. panting and looking at a plane
Cootling and ripples
Gosling up close: posing & preening
Mrs. reaching up for grass seed heads
Mrs. and a gosling jumping/falling in
Mrs. doesn't like her anklet

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