Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

The Lilypad

As we crested the top of the hill I saw the glimmer of the lake as it opened before me like a large, black, watery blossom, brimming with life. Tall, sensuous trees coated thick with moss danced around the lake's perimeter, seemingly bending and bowing before us as we strolled past in quiet awe. 

Nimble dragonflies in electric blue darted to and fro as if trying to draw our attention to the lilypads tangled across the watery palette. I kneeled for a closer look at them. Some were perfect with glossy green cheeks, others crumpled and brown along their edges, or torn and jagged from nibbling. One of them punctuated the surface with a brilliant yellow blossom and as I turned my camera in its direction, that is when I noticed this handsome friend sitting in perfect contentment. 

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