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By CelloNerd

For the love of wooden boats

For some time now, I've had my eye on the Taiga Wooden Canoe Kit by Pygmy Boats in Port Townsend, WA. You can imagine my delight at having the opportunity to visit their showroom during this weekend's visit to the town.

I've never been much of a boater, I don't have friends who own boats, but what little boating I've done I've enjoyed immensely. The practicality of building kayaks and canoes from fiberglass molds is quite evident, but the BEAUTY of one built by hand from wood is beyond compare. There is something very primal about shaping and connecting an elemental material like wood into an elegant vessel that will transport you across water. Building a boat from wood demands a brand of patience and dedication that is fast disappearing from our modern digital world. The process is slow and deliberate. The end-result is magnificent (if you've done your work properly, that is!) I hope to save up to purchase the canoe kit and of course, I'll need to clear up and tidy up my garage to make room for such a project.

We also visited the Northwest Maritime Center, home to the Wooden Boat Foundation. Click on the 'Extra Photo' to view their stunning workshop used for boat repair and renovations. In the lower right of this photo, you can see an 81 foot wooden mast being refurbished. The NMC also has a very large room where boat building classes given by Pygmy Boats are conducted. (alas, these weeklong classes are more than half the cost of the boat kits!). 

This delightful weekend in Port Townsend with its charming nautical theme has certainly stirred up and rekindled ideas and interests, both old and new.

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