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By MildlyOffensive

Mein München: C wie Coubertinplatz

My Munich: C stands for Coubertinplatz

I don't really feel any special connection to a street, square, or bridge in Munich beginning with a C, but the location I chose for my third entry in my Munich street series is nevertheless important to me, as it is the central square of one of my favourite parks.

The letter C goes to Coubertinplatz, which translates to Coubertin Square. Being the central square in the Olympic Park, most of the venues of the 1972 Summer Olympics are located around it: the Olympic Stadium to the west, Olympiahalle to the north, Olympia Schwimmhalle aquatic centre to the east, and Großer Olympiasee to the south. Every year there are a number of events at Coubertinplatz, including ImPark Festival, Munich Mash, and different music concerts, and it is often the start and/or finish of the Munich Marathon, the Wings for Life World Run, or the Spartan race.

Coubertinplatz is named for Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator and historian, and founder of the International Olympic Committee. He is considered the father of the modern Olympic Games.

The picture shows the north-eastern entrance of the Olympic Stadium and the famous acrylic glass canopy roof, that spans wide parts of the Olympic venues. Selective colouring as per the other entries of the series.

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