Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Pokeberry berries

We have a big circle of pokeberry stalks that come up every year at the edge of the yard.  I would get Jerry to cut them all down but the deer eat them so we let them grow.   I love to see the berries and the little tiny flowers. 

We had a quiet 4th of the was over 100 degrees on our back porch in the shade at 2pm.  The son that lives closest to us had plans for a pool party with friends so we did not see him and his wife.  The other son lives 3 hours away but we went to see them last weekend to avoid the holiday traffic.   It was nice to just stay in the cool air of the house.  I did take a short walk around the yard this morning to see what I could get for a blip.  

A photo of the pokeberry flowers in the extras.

I may venture out to the local festival to see the fireworks may get down to bearable temps by then.  I can see the wind blowing more now so maybe that will help.  

  I really like Autumn!  Just saying!

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