By schuylergrace


Sometimes, a treat is something you want and others, it's something you need!  I have been craving a grilled cheese sandwich for the longest time, and I love what we, in the States, call "meatloaf," a coarse forcemeat that's baked either as a freeform loaf, or one made in a rectangular loaf pan.  Mine is a combination of beef and pork ground together with American-style smoked bacon; roasted carrots, onions, and garlic; egg; and breadcrumbs; and topped with layers of bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and tomato ketchup, all of which is baked until its juices run clear.  So, I had leftover meatloaf, a new loaf of homemade sandwich bread, and a huge block of ancient cheddar sitting around just waiting to become heaven in a frying pan...

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