The second half of life..

By twigs

Golden Child

Had a meeting in Motueka this afternoon - what a great day for a drive!  Gorgeous.  Made me realise how much I haven't been anywhere recently.

Arrived home to find a lovely stack of dry firewood had been delivered :)  Thanks to G for his part in ensuring I received dry stuff, not the 'nearly dry' stuff I was originally told would be delivered.  You're a star G!

Of course, with  pile of firewood there comes stacking!  Not my favourite past-time but one that needs doing nevertheless.  I guess I got through about a third of it before the fading light became a problem.  I may be able to manage another half an hour-plus tomorrow evening but then Thursday is out.  Hope it doesn't rain between now and Friday or my prized dry stuff will get a bit wet.

And whilst I stacked wood my beautiful boy LB sat on the car bonnet enjoying the last rays of the day (and the warmth of the motor that had just returned from Motueka of course!)

3 sleeps to holidays

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