Cannon Hall for Lunch

With my brother and Ann for lunch today, probably slightly busier than usual for a Tuesday with quite a few children around with grand parents.  Here's Mark, who is so key to keeping the whole restaurant experience flowing smoothly.  His amazing social skills keep the whole wheels oiled and people coming back to visit.  He was always very good with both mum and dad.  As usual he's on the move (here sorting the crisp packets out) and in this rather dark corner of the restaurant I've caught a bit of movement, but then it's fairly typical as he's always on the move.

Back home now and enjoying the sunshine through the window.

Next I need to sort out (and print off) my 6 X 4 images for tomorrow evenings `fun' Bingo evening.  We were all given Bingo cards along with a list of subjects printed on a sheet.  We had to match our Bingo numbers to the subjects listed and come up with an A2 display.  I've had my draft  here on the wall for ages - juts never put the final finishing touches to it!

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