Camera Club Fun Night - Bingo!

The last meeting before we have a break at the camera club this evening and Paul has been promoting this fun photographic idea for months now.  I made my initial selection some months ago and they've been on my notice board.  Yesterday I substituted a couple of them and re-printed a few which had a white border.  They were all printed on 6 X 4 paper.  We were all given a `bingo card' and a sheet to say what category each number represented (see extra).  We had to select 9 of our numbers for the final presentation and stick them onto card.  Here's mine - I've gone for a colour coordinated look, but I suspect it will be the witty ones that do best as it's a club judging occasion.  I did have a couple that might loosely be described as a bit of fun  but they didn't fit my colour scheme (or in some cases my category).  So here goes!

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