Karin Kroeze photography

By Karin_HK

The Microcosm workgroup

Besides getting an excellent first lecture on particle physics by Rolf Landua, the main objective of the day was to organise everyone into workgroups. Over the next 2.5 weeks these workgroups will work towards deliverables that will help teachers (and their students) to gain better access to all CERN resources that are available to them.
This is the microcosm (https://microcosm.web.cern.ch/en) team at the bowling alley - Timo (Germany), me, Helena (Greece, in yellow), Seppe (also from Antwerp), Rahul (India) and Vanessa (Spain). We all are excited to get started. The bowling for all of us was a bit hit and miss for all of us, but we all had a great time.

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