By dunkyc

Light 'em up

It's been a strange, exhausting week. I've been off work with my wife and tending to a chicken pox-ravaged son and a recently pox-ravaged daughter who has made a staggering recovery and is quite literally bouncing off the walls.

Sleep has been sporadic, spots have been plenty and laughs have been scarce.

However, I find myself with a rare moment of down time whilst m'boy dozes in and out of Thomas episodes (thank Jebus for Netflix), so have gone back over some photos from this year, deleting extraneous ones – I didn't think we needed 87 shots of m'boy drinking a hot chocolate – and felt in the mood for putting some words down.

This one here was taken back in January. I've singled it out because I like the composition and it is one of those rare efforts, where I switched the camera to manual to try and achieve the effect I wanted. OK, very rare.

The lights hang over the dining table at my parents place, but I thought they looked quite striking.

Might try and get some more blips out whilst I can....

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