Walked around the Tayock part of the Nature Reserve and took lots of shots.  Main aim was to clean the Nature Reseve sign at the entrance  -  it was covered in algae and barely readable the last time I visited.  Now it is pristine clean!  Should have blipped it but it compleely slipped my mind!  Then went along to the Visitors Centre which is about two miles away from the Taycock part  -  no I didn't walk!!  Took the car!  Lots of little birds around the feeders, but the best shot was this Chaffinch feeding off the spillt remains on the ground.  Then went down to the hide where a Twitcher with a lenses 2 feet long (at least) was following a Red Kite - so he said, I couldn't see it!.  His lens was amazing and had a very fancy cover on it.  I'd never seen one before and he told me it was to keep the glare of the lens barrel from scaring off birds, and that if he ever wanted o sell the lens the cover would ensure there were no scratches on the barrel.  You learn something new everyday:)

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