The Olympics!

Had a great but very tiring day out in the Olympic Park!
We went to Star lane for our passes, all had to show passports and get photo ID, very exciting for the boys and a great memento.
Here's Gulli with his ;-)
Then popped in to see our friend Rita who lives very close by, really lovely to see her.
I sang on the bandstand at 4pm, it was a great experience, the sun was shining and I really enjoyed it! I shared a backstage dressing room with Wenlock, although we didn't change at the same time, it was very small ;-)
Z's blip of us with it (it is androgenous).
Gulli's blip of it going backstage.
We went to McDonalds, first time in years, it's the biggest one in the world, absolutely massive and heaving but we were served fairly fast.
Also took the kids to the megastore for some souvenirs.
It was a great day out, the park is very pretty with a river running through it and lots of wild flowers everywhere, the huge BA screen was very impressive and we watched the diving on it, amazing!
I'm taking the boys back to see athletics and swimming at the Paralympics in September, so looking forwrad to seeing more things and the inside of the Olympic Stadium then.
Max's blip of me onstage.

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