Admire Amir

Y is for Young!! You're only as young as the man you feel!!

Continuing the Alpha(Bet) males - The life in my men in my life July challenge.

I am so lucky!
This evening I went to Hyde Park to meet my Olympic friend and to hang out in the VIP area there for athletes and coaches to relax and mingle with their family and friends.
I could win gold for mingling!
Look who I mingled.

Yes, Amir Khan! He was wheeled out to give us an inspirational Q & A session on how the Olympic story changed his life. He also mentioned that had he known London was going to be holding the Olympics, he may have remained an amateur boxer after winning a silver medal in Athens in 2004.
What a delightful young man! Yummmy!
You're only as young as the man you feel shake hands with.

Hyde Park is one of the designated venues in Britain for large screen coverage of the games. Amongst the many sports being shown, we watched the gymnastics - only to see their silver medal become bronze, when the Japanese objection to an incorrect score was sustained, elevating them from 4th to the silver medal position.

The games coverage is combined with live music every evening and we enjoyed 'The Feeling'.

The feeling we had was that we were as young as the young people enjoying the band, the main difference being that we hadn't heard their music previously, whereas the 'young' were all singing along. It was a fantastic atmosphere, a big crowd and a great gig.
If you get the chance, go along any evening - there are free areas for the public, or you can buy tickets to get closer to the stage.

The atmosphere throughout London is so different from normal, very upbeat, strangers talking, wonderful volunteers everywhere, smiling and being helpful.

I spent the train journey up to London talking to a dad and son who were off to see the table tennis, and the homeward journey in conversation with two ladies who are working as volunteers throughout the games, giving up 2 weeks leave to help out.

Bring it on!!

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