A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

Magic Touch

evening all,

should you find yourselves at Harry Potter world (or whatever it is called) I shall offer you a few handy little tips of what not  to say staff if you want your trip to be trouble free:

1. On admission, when they scan you with their security wand and it detects something in your trouser pocket,  make no reference at all to it not being as big as the wands you are used to.

2. When someone is about to let you into a new area of the exhibition, saying " you open the Gryffindor and i'll Slytherin " to them will not be met with anything other than contempt.

3. And above all else, when you enter the lavatorial areas, shouting out
 " here's a new spell....Expelyeranus! " is guaranteed to provide you an early exit, with no possibility of a refund......

you have been warned.

night all


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