Wardrobe Malfunction...!

Son #3 suggested that we go to Waddesdon Manor - a great idea. I've heard a lot about it from fellow blipper Kathy Chantler (Chantler63) so it was great to see it. It was even better that we were able to arrange a last-minute mini-blipmeet with Kathy herself: we've followed each other's journals for a long time and it was wonderful actually to meet each other. And today is her 1000th blipday!

I took loads of photos - these are only 3 of them (when I find a better internet connection I'll put some more on flickr) but the most amusing was the statue by the courtesy bus stop as shown in the main blip!  ;-))

The extras show the house itself, and a panorama shot of the magnificent aviary.

PS More photos of Waddesdon now on flickr at :


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