Graduation Week

It is Graduation week at work so campus is bedecked in decorations like this and will be thrumming with people all week long.

The one huge drawback of the week is that every year they have a jazz band and singer. I am not a lover of jazz, it sounds like an awful racket to me, and because they play it after every ceremony we have it every couple of hours all week long! I think I will have to wear earphones for most of the week so I don't go mad! Our Library space opens right on to the celebrations so there is no avoiding them for a bit of peace and quiet. On the up side, it is good for people watching as families are decked out in their finery for the event and the students are all nervous and excited.

The disaster of the day was Leo and Nina playing in the garden and Leo launching a ball over next door's fence. They went to ask for it back but it was well and truly punctured by next door's dog. So now I am on the hunt for a replacement ball. It is a really soft one so ideal for launching around the place without smashing windows, lights or pumpkins! it came with his goalie target kit so it may take some tracking down.

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