A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheeeese.

Hot feet and restless legs rendered last night a virtual write-off and JJ  (unusually for him) snoring for England didn't help.  I decamped to bedroom two and managed to get a bit of kip but must make a note to buy new pillows.

A walk up to the village for a prescription which the pharmacy didn't have (they will deliver) and a hike back over the top.  I managed to stay dry most of the way but have got into the habit of hanging my jack-in-a-pack onto my trouser belt so didn't get caught out.  I'm even getting the hang of folding it back into itself.

I spied a skylark on a fence post but the picture was blurry.  Then this little beauty of a yellowhammer came into view and I crept ever closer taking pictures all the time.  He wouldn't let me too close though, so this is as good as it gets.

The extras are of a chicory I spotted in amongst the wild flowers in the barley field and a juvenile green woodpecker which was hunting for ants under the lounge window with one of its parents yesterday evening.

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