Great Tit Rescue

I rescued this Great Tit fledging on the way to the beach at lunchtime.. We just rounded a bend and it was sitting in the middle of our side of the road. I was hoping it would fly out of the way but it didn't. I drove round it, put the hazards on and got out to move it. I was expecting it to fly away as soon as I reached down but it was more than happy to be in my hands. Poor thing not sure what had happened to it possibly stunned in some way. It didn't want to be put in the hedge so I brought it over to the car so TheAphid could take some photos. It was gripping on firmly and was eventually happy to be left on a tree stump on top of the bank. I didn't make any noises and I didn't hear any parent birds calling out for it.

We eventually got to the beach to meet my Mum, sisters and their families at Rozel where they were waiting for their lunch at The Hungry Man cafe. Later we sat on the beach whilst the cousins rambled over the rocks. Extra is of TheAphid and his cousins just before we left the beach just after 5pm.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and stars for yesterday's Mono Monday entry, glad you like it.  

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