By beeeze

I know I know

Gerberas are done to death on here. But I saw this one in Tesco and knew it was the exact same shade as a piece of backing paper I have so I wanted to do a big yellow blip. I rather like it although I fear it may be channeling Big Bird a touch.

The evening carers have been cancelled and the agency is taking my comments very seriously. Social Services are also taking it seriously. This is good. There will be many people receiving this 'care' who are not in a position to make a complaint. So strike one for all the little people.

I made it to the gym today and did some swimming. As I haven't actually been in a swimming pool since August 2000 it was a bit of a shock to my crappy joints. However, I set myself a goal of 10 lengths but kept on going until my ankle was clacking in and out at length 22! So proud of myself. Feeling the effects now though, I really must be sensible and take it slowly. I'd planned on doing a yoga class too but I think I really must wait a few weeks.

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