By Barneysloan


Wednesday is Wolf Day!!! :-)

Kirk and I went to the Highland Wildlife Park today and although I took photos of other animals the Wolves of Wolf Wood captured my heart!

This little fella is one of six cubs born at the beginning of June at the park.  Mum, Ruby, and Dad, Jack, seem to have their paws full with these bundles of fur! ;-) This particular cub had fun for a while attacking mum's tail while she completely ignored him and ate some lunch!! :-)

Jack, however is having a tough time :-(  Ruby seems to be ok (most of the time) about Jack spending time with the cubs but won't let him eat!! :-o

Every time he went anywhere near any of the food stashes Ruby had around the enclosure, she would chase him off, according to some of the Park staff this has been happening for a while and you can see that he is much thinner than Ruby!  The only chance he has of getting any food is if he snatches some quickly when the staff throw in the food at first, once they go Ruby chases him again - poor guy! 

My extras are all pictures, bar one, of the wolves as we spent quite a lot of time with them!  My last extra I just couldn't not put in.  It is a picture of a baby Snow Monkey!! At only a couple of months old this was a very tiny guy, still hanging on to mum with one hand while munching on a slice of carrot! Way to cute not to include!!<3

Tomorrow will probably be more Highland Wildlife Park photos because we're going back again tomorrow morning!! :-)

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