Watching the world go by.

I'm in trouble again! I did a bit of fly chasing this afternoon and when I'm intent on catching one of them, I don't pay much attention to where I'm going and I inadvertently knocked a bowl of the worktop and smashed it. That was before a managed to tie the vertical blinds in a knot. Oh dear!

This morning was quieter though, Swannie had an appointment in Gala to get her hair cut and there were one or two other things she had to do while she was up there. Unfortunately, when she came out the hairdressers she couldn't remember what else she was supposed to do so she came home again, where Sheba and I were waiting for her. Her memory is terrible, in fact I'm beginning to suspect she might actually be older than 28, a lot older, but she says she's not! Lots of love, JJ, xx.

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