Broadway Tower Blipmeet

My Editor Sheila and I had a lovely morning meeting our longstanding blip buddies Technophobe (on the left of the photo) and JDO (on the right) for the first time. This took place, at JDO's suggestion, at Broadway Tower just a few miles from where we're staying in the Cotswolds.

This blip photo was kindly taken by Sheila as she isn't a blipper herself.

After they had to leave, while the Editor and I had some lunch, there was some excitement as first a blue-light ambulance car, then an air ambulance, arrived (first extra). They had come to attend to a tourist in a motor caravan who must have taken seriously ill, poor chap. We didn't stay to hear the final outcome but overheard one of the air crew saying that he was stable but was still going to be taken to hospital. It's great that we have these air ambulances; in England and Wales, all of these services are charitably funded, and operated under contract with a private provider using staff seconded from the NHS.

After that we looked round the village of Broadway then drove to "The Slaughters", first to Upper Slaughter (second extra) then Lower Slaughter (third extra). We feared that we may find these lovely viillages crawling with other tourists, but happily the not-very-nice weather seemed to have kept many of them away (and by now it was fairly late in the afternoon).

(We understand that he names of the villages come from old English 'Slohtre', which has nothing to do with killing things and means, simply, 'Muddy place'. Happily this description no longer applies as we didn't have our wellies with us!)

On the way back to our holiday accommodation we had a look round Stow-on-the Wold. Altogether a really super day :-)

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