Ready for Action!

Back Blipping this as it was pretty late last night when we got home.

We'd been up to Leeds to watch the rugby League game between Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos.

There was a great deal of pomp and ceremony before the game for Armed Forces Day ( Which I thought had been and gone, but what do I know?) I'm not one for all the glorification of the military. It's a short step from there to  jingoistic patriotism in my opinion! It was quite entertaining though, especially the abseilers and parachutists.

Anyway the game was pretty scrappy but very tense at the end! Leeds were champions but struggled a lot this season due to various injuries and logistic problems and are bottom currently. But in the last few weeks these problems have been resolved and they are finding their old form again. Wigan have been doing OK, but have just hit an injury crisis of our own. We ended up losing a very close game 18-16. And may have picked up another couple of injuries/suspensions...

I took this shot as the sun was shining and all the colours just seemed to pop!

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