Water Tower

Today is my birthday - not saying how old!  t has been quite a low-key, relaxed one, but we will go for a meal tomorrow evening. 

We have been for a walk to get Blips this afternoon. We bought chips from the first chippy I worked in, about 25 years ago and had a drink in a pub too. I'd not eaten all day and gulped my food a bit quick and made myself feel ill, or we would have had more than one drink. 

I'm OK again now and having a glass of cider at home! The Pimms strawberry and cucumber cider cup. very tasty and refreshing it is too!

I took a photo of my presents - I had a good haul! And some cash too, some of which I have already spent! The photo also shows that my cat has trashed my sofa!

This water tower is on Westgate in Lincoln. I couldn't get the shot of it I'd planned to. It was next to a park where I used to take Jeri and Zeph when they were small. The park is gone now unfortunately, and the grass, though well maintained, is fenced and locked! I took this from by Westgate school., over the top of the trees that surround it.

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