Birthday Treats!

We decided to go over to Red Hill nature reserve in the Lincolnshire Wolds today. The hope was that we would see some lizards, but none were around - I guess it wasn't sunny enough. It is a beautiful unspoilt place though, and there were butterflies aplenty.

The little white dog you can see in the shot was awesome! (See extras for a proper shot of her, a small White butterfly and Skeggy beach!) She trotted out of a farm track opposite when we arrived and bounded over to greet us. She proceeded to accompany us all round the reserve, running off and returning to us like she was our dog! When we went back to the car to leave, she dashed off back down the track where she came from!

After walking around some other public footpaths nearby we headed over to Skeggy for lunch, and a walk around the town and on the beach. The sun put in an appearance, and it was one of the few times I've been warm in Skegness as for once there was no icy wind!

I got some lovely presents - cash, a handbag, Lush bath-bombs, and catty bits so far!

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