A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

The Day Of The Downpip

Almost The Day Of The Downpipe.

The Downpipe is a problem that has plagued us since we arrived. 

Half the house has a valley roof and that flows into a pipe that runs down the centre of the house; previously behind multiple (I kid you not) layers of covering up the problem.  The problem is not the downpipe, but its insufficient capacity in heavy rain. 

Should rain not go down the pipe it finds another route down the centre of the house; any route it fancies, and that's the problem.

Multiple plans of replacing the downpipe were discussed but that was fraught with multiple problems, not least of which was that it's a rain funnel with a wide end of 50sq. metres, and a narrow end that ends in the hall during replacement works.  

So, we decided to add a second pipe rather than replace the original. It was all lined up for today.  We got up to the roof with the new pipe and ...

... the critical roofer was stuck on the wrong side of Worcestershire.

So here we are, one inch short.  Until tomorrow.

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