Fire .... worker

In Germany the most villages have volunteer fire fighters. And all of them have sections for the youth, where children from the age of10 until 18  will learn what a fireman or firewoman has to do.
Every year is a big gathering of this youth fire fighters and this year our little village was the host of this giant camp, where almost 1000 children from about 40 fire brigades come together.
There is also a difficult examination, the Leistungsspange and all of the seven teams have passed it. Congratulations to them!
In the evening was a big firework and I Wenz with T. to watch and blip it. In the main blip you see only a smal part of the camp.
Later we strolled through the camp and I tried to get some impressions.
It was a joyfull and peacefull camp and everyone seemed to be happy.

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