Watch out!

It was very busy at the airport.
The home coming stroks were close together on their final approach at the "Reinheimer Teich". The air traffic control was in high pressure...   :-))

After two days of hard work we enjoyed a lazy Sunday.
T. wasn't in the mood for any excursion, so I decided, that she had to accompange us on our evening walk with Omo. To make it more special we would walk round the "Reinheimer Pond", a lovely wildlive sanctuary nearby. It was a very stupid idea:
It was an exception, that even R. and P. came with us, voluntary! 
(The last time I remember this is about two years ago :-0  )
It was beautiful to hear the clatter of the storks, who welcomed their returning family. It was less beautiful to hear the mosquitos sound the attack. Oh dear! We got A LOT OF BITES. R. and P. wore even shorts...
Because it was also already too dark for serious blipping we hurried to get out there.
To make it perfect, I seem to be allergical against some of the mosquitos and developed a thick swollen hand claw ;-)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, hearts and stars for my mouwing Hanulli :-)) I really appreciate this . It makes me happy :-)

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