Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Here comes the bride ...

I'm absurdly pleased with this photo of my god-daughter Jane on her way to marry her man in a fairytale setting in deepest rural Herts. Pleased because it's often impossible to capture a good natural photo at a wedding - the official photographer usually gets in the way; pleased because Jane looks so lovely; pleased because this was the moment when I recognised her brother at her side ...

I haven't seen the bride since she was a child, nor her brother. I'm clearly a hopeless godmother. But her mother was my bestie before the word existed, and Jane and all three of her older siblings played a considerable part in the early childhood of my own sons. Today was a joyous occasion on all sorts of levels, reunion prominent among them.

The sun was unbelievably hot (golf umbrellas were provided for the ceremony), the venue, South Farm, absolutely beautiful, the food delicious and the company engaging. I'm glad we made the journey.

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