... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

OUMNH: Microsculpture

More macro in large.
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We visited Microsculpture by Levon Biss at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History: it is an exhibition of extraordinary close-up photographs of insects (taken using a 10x microscope objective mounted on a 200mm lens; many pictures were taken of each specimen, and these were composited to create the final images). It was fascinating, although the (contrasty natural) lighting of the images made for slightly strange viewing on a bright summery day. I liked the way that the original insect specimens were also on display in little stands so that you could look at the physical subjects as well as the images.

We also explored the OUMNH and Pitt Rivers (which looks exactly as a museum ought to look!). My other photographs are on Flickr (right from here). I photographed deer skulls, human skulls, and masks from Papua New Guinea and Japan.

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