A Lovely Surprise

This morning, as I was working at my computer, Mabel suddenly started barking like mad at the front door.  The mail man had shown up with a mysterious parcel from Canada!

Wouldn't you know it ... that thoughtful, beautiful friend and fellow blipper Subjunctive somehow remembered that my birthday is creeping up, and had sent me the most wonderful tote bag resplendent with dachshunds of all types!  Mabel has already informed me that this will be the perfect bit of chic luggage to pack with her toys and necessities when we travel back and forth between Connecticut and Boston! 

PS:  Those yummy looking "cookies" that Mabel is being so incredibly (and unbelievably!) good about not snarfing down in one fell swoop were a gift to BB and Mabel from Memories4Me when she came for a visit this weekend.  We are just being showered with presents lately!!!

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