The second half of life..

By twigs

LB Drip

Van to fixits this morning to get lights fixed so I could get the warrant finished so I could get it licenced.

Whilst at the fixits, the replacement bulb blew......twice!  Then he figured what was wrong and fixed it properly.

On to warrant place to confirm that the things it had failed for (1 headlight and 1 tail light) had both been fixed so it was OK to pass its warrant.


The tail lights had been rewired incorrectly.......the reversing light where the tail light should be, the indicator light where the tail light should be......It took a bit of doing but all sorted in the end by the great folks at the VINZ station :)

Yay!  Warrant passed......licence purchased.  All legal and safe to be driven again now :)  Should I go away on Friday for a night to celebrate.....???  It feel slike Golden Bay has been neglected by me for so long.............we'll see.  

And then there's LB to consider.......can't just leave the wee man alone, especially when he appears to have a  streaming cold.  It would be lovely to take him along with me but he's such a nervous bunny it wouldn't be enjoyable for him.

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