Mixed Day

Woke up this morning and saw my arm was the size of an elephants trunk! Then Stewart said his pointing finger on right hand was swollen. So we both got an appointment at the health centre. My cleg bite is typical of a reaction to the poison and before I get given a course of antibiotics I have to wait and see if it travels or recedes! She marked it with a pen and it has got bigger but hoping it recedes tomorrow. It would be a high dose of antibiotics over a long period so she would rather wait a couple of days. Stewart got penicillin for his finger so hoping that works.

On way back there was the most impressive lightening storm and torrential rain so much that Ben piped up this was the best day ever! The road was like a flood.....

The boys went swimming and then after that the rain cleared into a lovely day so we headed up the mountain to the funicular and at the top the view was a s stunning as ever.

Back for tea, boys playing in the park then they are off to the Fun house for the kids club. Ceilidh band playing in the foyer tonight - it may help to keep me awake.....

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