One Man and his Bicycle

Another hot day, not quite as hot as yesterday, but hot enough.  After shopping this morning we went into Stratford this afternoon for a coffee. We had to pop into the demolition site that is Town Square to visit one of the few remaining shops.  As I was leaving I noticed this juxtaposition of a lifesize figure in the shop window and the customer bicycle parked outside.

Later we tried to get into the records office by the birthplace entrance to see this will of Will they're making a fuss about.  Ann was told it wasn't like the public records that she had spent many a happy hour studying, you had to pay an entrance fee to the Shakespeare exhibition to see it, even local residents.  We left to think about it, after all you can see it on Google!

I'd like to thank everyone who gave some lovely comments, stars and hearts for my monoMonday submission. I was surprised, and pleased, to receive one of the coveted five hearts from the challenge organiser Skeena.

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