It's A Nice Day for a.... White Wedding....

It's always the best of days... always. 

Who can resist a wedding?  

It just makes everyone feel good eh? 

All the neighbours came out, just like the old days, and we stood round, discussing our weddings, and Brides prerogative to be late, and make up and dresses.

And then they came out, and we all sighed.   

The Flower Girls were too cute,  the bridesmaids were glorious, in the most beautiful coral gowns, Mother of the Bride was stunning, Dad was resplendent in his kilt, and the Bride, well the Bride was just perfect, in a dress that fairy tales are made of,  and a bouquet of roses, sprinkled with brides breath. Just perfect.

How can it be that this little girl who I remember painting her toes in the garden one summer can be old enough, to be this beautiful bride?   or her Brother be the father of the littlest flower girl, when once he was a fixture in our house, as he and Boy made videos and played music too loud on their guitars? 

As the bride was carefully packed into the car, I looked along the street, and contemplated when they all grew up, and I wondered who would be next; N, was standing next to me, and I said, "you next? "  She laughed, and gave me that look my two give me when I make a ridiculous suggestion and said "No thanks, I'm fine as I am thank you".

Lovely day ;  Made me wish for mine all over again. 

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