By snailspace


Mr L has spent his last few hours (not his final ones! perhaps I should have said his past few hours?) in the garden with the pressure washer and hose, attempting to give the drains some spit and polish before winter comes. Yes, I know it's only July but the weather turns early here and after all, we are going to be away. Better to prevent clogs than to suffer them in our absence and come home to who knows what carnage.

I elected to occupy myself with some further de-stuffing and turned my attention to the bookshelves,.

Some several years ago I was a member of Bookcrossing. I released a few volumes into the wild but soon became disheartened when they were never logged. I reached the conclusion that as an early adopter I was just too soon for the rest of Scotland and that some kind of critical mass would be needed before book crossing could work properly. 

Time to try again, maybe. It took a while to discover what my user id had been and then to work out what email address I had registered with but eventually I found myself back on the site and have registered almost a dozen new entries. I'm not sure where to release them but have set up a temporary zone at home until I can generate some interest in setting up drop zones locally. I'm thinking that the drop in centre at Heilsa Fjold would be ideal as would the Community Room, the waiting room at Loth Ferry Terminal, the ferries, perhaps the GP surgery... plenty of scope. All I need to do is find folks willing to give away their own books. Most of mine went to the recycle shop a long time ago.

When we go full-time in Hank the Yank, storage space will be at a premium and we also have weight considerations. Books will be a decided luxury and so I am hoping that book crossing will come to my aid and that I can pick up, read and pass on as we travel about the world. In the meantime, I can keep de-stuffing my shelves. Until now I have only registered fiction for book-crossing but I see no reason not to list craft books, knitting books, cookery books, photography books... the lot in fact.

Any book crossers here? You'll find me on the site as wanlock.

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