Poor Thomas

I've spent the entire day today cleaning. Oh, apart from making a new cover for a footstool, but that didn't take too long as I'd started it last night.
It's now 5:30pm and I shall soon be off to put my feet up - after dinner is cooked that is.
We got the children's toys, high-chair, push-chair, toddler's loo seat, etc etc etc out ready for next week and washed all their bedding (it was clean, but hasn't been used for over 2 years so needed to be laundered). Amongst the things were several bath toys, and poor old Thomas the Tank Engine looks a bit worse for wear. He was in a plastic bag, and had developed some sort of furry fungus. He's a water-pistol too, and presumably wasn't 100% dry when he went into the plastic bag. 
I've washed and scrubbed him and he's now in the dish-washer. He already looks much better, but if I'm in any doubt, he'll have to go in the bin and I shall have a scoot around the shops for a replacement.
Here's the bed the little one will have this year now he's too big for his cot. Big brother will have a grown-up bed. 

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