One of those days..........

...........when I have nothing to show for the day. 
I've been behind a desk all day, (except lunchtime when I had to make a quick dash for a chiropody appointment) then I had more office work to do this evening when I got home until about 8:30 pm.
A quick omelette and that's my day I'm afraid.
I could think of absolutely nothing to blip, (having gulped down the omelette) except for the bracelet which I've been wearing today. It's quite unusual - handmade (not by me!) with little beads interspersed by tiny pieces of slate. I don't like expensive jewellery - it's not me, and I would worry too much about losing it. I prefer fun pieces that if they get lost or damaged, it really doesn't matter. (Technophobe: I'm not mentioning Italian necklaces!!) 
I couldn't even make it mono for MonoMonday - as it just wouldn't  have looked right.  

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