By CoffeePotter

Honiton Lace

We needed to visit a shop in Honiton today so we drove over after lunch and had a very pleasant few hours looking about.
One place that really impressed us was the museum (free entry too!). There were some lovely exhibits - the Honiton Hippopotamus, (and a quiz for children to find the little hippos - one in each cabinet on show) a huge old half-ton bomb casing, fossils, toys etc, but what fascinated me the most was the beautiful collection of Honiton Lace. There were also two ladies demonstrating lace making with bobbins. One was Mrs Pat Perryman who is a very skilled and famous lace maker who has travelled all over the world demonstrating the skill and exhibiting the Honiton Lace. My Mum used to make really beautiful lace, but I'm sure that the type that she did was Bedfordshire (not Honiton). 
This is a close-up of Mrs Perryman's current project - a vintage car, which is a gift for someone. The "blurred bit" at the top is a thread that she is moving really quickly. 

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