A bit of a strange day today. We had a good hour's Skype session with our family in Taiwan quite early, as it was too hot to go out there and they were waiting until their evening time to go to the swimming pool.
We then found out that the visitor that we thought was coming at 4 pm was actually arriving in about 45 minutes, at 12 noon. That was no problem, except what we thought would be about an hour was actually 3 hours. 
We therefore missed joining Hildasrose's Blipmeet at Stratford Races. It's only about 15 minutes away, but by the time we would have arrived  there it would have been very late. We therefore packed up our lunch which I'd already prepared to take to the Blipmeet, and went to Coughton Court, as that's only about 5 minutes away. 
Packed lunch was eaten at about 4pm, and now I have the most awful stomach ache, as my numerous tummy problems mean that I should eat quite regularly, and being 3 hours late doesn't help. 
Back home and we both fell asleep on sofas for an hour.
That's it - end of the weekend again. 
There were hundreds of butterflies at Coughton. This one was in the lovely walled garden. I think it's a Fritillary - but as to which one - I really don't know. 

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